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Welcome to Premier Boxing Vault, a boxing media platform that is dedicated to objectivity and improvement of the sport of boxing. We understand that we cannot police the internet or control people’s opinions, but we like for everything to be as respectful as possible. This is not YouTube, we do have a bit more oversight on what comes in and if your comment is removed or blocked, take it as a sign that you disobeyed the basic rules which can be seen below. 

We also realize this is boxing, cussing/cursing, namecalling, boasting amongst other things is behavior that boxers themselves have displayed on multiple occasions, despite being regarded as professionals. We however want to remind you, you are a human being and just as you are deserving of respect, others are too. Keep this in mind before commenting. Please have a look at the rules below which will help guide you as to what is – and what isn’t – allowed.



Be respectful– The internet is not real-life. It is a part of it, but not the same, so in that manner it’s easier to be disrespectful on the web. But, as adults, we are perfectly capable of expressing our opinions without resorting to insults, discrimination, manipulation, propaganda, gaslighting etc. That is what we see as respect; ‘don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you’ is the most basic yet relevant piece of wisdom we can give you. We think you are smart enough not to need a whole list of what to do, and what not to do, so we trust in your maturity to know what you are allowed to say, and not say. 


No trolling We do not shy of criticism towards our writers, content creators or site staff, but comments that add no value to the discussion or that are merely insulting will be deleted without exception. The same goes for comments directed at other commenters. We moderate all comments ourselves, and any sign of trolling will be dealt with. We do not tolerate that type of nonsense in the slightest.


No spamming– We understand that ‘growing money is wisdom’ and all that, but we do not tolerate spam on our platform. No crypto-currency/NFT messages, ‘hot girls here’ messages, repeating messages with no context and not related to the content or site etc. The fact that we need to state this is already disappointing.


Just a reminder, whether you are a boxing fan or merely looking to delve into the sport, do not put a bad stain on the sport with your behavior. We should all work together to elevate the sport, not tear it down.

Any commenter is welcome to report any comment that they think has broken our rules. The rules are pretty simple and haven’t been made lengthy or comprehensive for a reason. We trust in your intelligence and decency, whoever you are, or whatever you are doing in life. 

So with that being said.


Enjoy commenting!