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Deontay Wilder still seems to think that Tyson Fury cheated in their second match

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LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 03: Professional boxers Deontay Wilder (L) and Tyson Fury butt heads onstage during their press conference to promote their upcoming December 1, 2018 fight in Los Angeles at The Novo by Microsoft on October 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Former heavyweight WBC world champion Deontay Wilder’s latest interview with FightHype saw him broach the subject of Tyson Fury cheating after having accused the Brit multiple times in the past. When asked on whether he’d have the same cordial relationship with Fury as he had with Luis Ortiz, he shot down the possibility.

“Nah, never.” Wilder responded. “Cause I know the truth behind that. I don’t condone the cheating and sh**, and all that.”

“You have analysts or whatever say ‘if he did cheat, why did you not go to the authorities?’.” Wilder said. “I would grab their collar and pull them close to my face and be eye-to-eye, face-to-face, so much that my breath would touch their face. And I would tell them ‘why the f*** would I go to the authorities when I got the opportunity to release my own energy and put my hands upon him, in the possibility of trying to kill him and get paid millions of dollars doing that?!’.”

“Okay, go to the authorities, they lock him up, then what’s next? That’s it. A good write-up, okay we’ve proved our case. Nobody getting fed.” Wilder continued. “That sounds like someone that’s non-confrontational, that’s not supposed to be in combat sports cause their mindset ain’t set on combat, it’s set on being nice or… that don’t even make sense to me.”

“We are in the hurt business.” Wilder stressed. “This is what we do, I can hurt you and I can get paid doing it, that sounds like a sweet deal to me.”

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Tyson Fury punches Deontay Wilder in their second match held on February 22, 2020 in Nevada, Las Vegas. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

He responded positively to the possibility of facing Tyson Fury for a fourth time: “Oh, most definitely. I’ve had interviews about this earlier, about fighting different people, and like I said, I’m back. And who(ever)’s here, and they bring a hell of a fight, let’s do it.”

While Wilder didn’t explicitly state Fury cheated, his comments would suggest he at least considered the possibility, but he would rather have faced Fury in the ring, than not at all. Wilder is currently set to face Robert Helenius on October 15th in the Barclays Centre in New York. Their match is considered to be a semi-final eliminator to face Andy Ruiz Jr in the final eliminator. The winner of the final eliminator will become the mandatory opponent of the WBC world heavyweight title holder, Tyson Fury.

For Deontay Wilder’s full interview, watch the video below: