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Hearn Misinterprets (Or Lies About) Conor Benn’s Case And UKAD Appeal

Hearn Misinterprets Conor Benn's Case And UKAD's Appeal featured image
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - APRIL 16: Conor Benn speaks with Promotor, Eddie Hearn (R) following victory in the WBA Continental Welterweight Title fight between Conor Benn and Chris Van Heerden at AO Arena on April 16, 2022 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Matchroom chairman Eddie Hearn has inadvertently spread misinformation regarding Conor Benn’s appeal after his latest interview with the BBC’s 5 Live Boxing, putting his own reputation and that of his promotion at risk as he continues to perpetrate the belief that Conor Benn has been cleared, despite the UKAD (United Kingdom Anti-Doping) currently being in the process of appealing the NADP’s (National Anti-Doping Panel) decision to clear him in the first place.

During his interview, Eddie Hearn claimed that Conor Benn (21-0, 14 KO’s) was cleared to fight virtually anywhere, despite his absence of a British professional license or an international license which would allow him to fight abroad.

He’s cleared to fight everywhere at the moment, he’s not suspended, he’s had that suspension lifted, he won his case,” Hearn told the BBC’s 5 Live Boxing.

The British Boxing Board of Control are appealing, and that’s expected to be later this year, but as of now, he’s free to fight in the UK, he’s free to fight in America, he’s licensed in America as well.

There are discussions about him jumping on the September 30th card in London, but there’s also discussions about him fighting in Orlando on September 23rd.

Whether on purpose or by accident, Eddie Hearn neglected the fact that it is UKAD and reportedly the BBBofC (British Boxing Board of Control) are both appealing the decision. While the BBBofC―as a governing body of boxing in the UK―does not have the specific authority to appeal the decision by an anti-doping organization as they are a different institution, they do have the right to appeal such decisions similar to UKAD.

Formally, UKAD is the organization that has been publicly revealed to be appealing the decision by the NADP to clear Conor Benn after failing two separate drug tests in 2022. The NADP’s own decision to clear Benn was controversial given they have not stated the exact reasons for their decision―or at least not publicly.

Conor Benn also does not have a British boxing license, which he relinquished following a dispute with the BBBofC, and neither has he, Eddie Hearn, or any other associate confirmed that Benn holds an international license. The absence of such a license heavily limits the ability for Benn to fight in the UK

Eddie Hearn’s claim of Conor Benn being ‘licensed’ to fight in America is also highly disputable. Though the WBC has cleared him to fight, as mentioned earlier, Benn likely does not have an international boxing license yet ― though this can quite easily be attained if there is true interest on his part to fight outside the UK.

Hearn also suggested the possibility of Benn fighting Chris Eubank Jr. (33-3, 24 KO’s), which logically could only occur outside of the UK.

It’s an all-time British classic, it’s the biggest fight for Eubank Jr., and it’s the biggest fight for Benn,” Hearn also told 5 Live Boxing.

Hopefully, we can get that done for December. We’re in talks with Kalle Sauerland [Eubank’s promoter]. Eubank Jr. vs. Benn is an absolute monster, and that’s why we’re looking at Wembley Stadium.

Hearn’s optimism about the fight taking place at a renowned UK venue such as Wembley Stadium glosses over the sheer facts of Benn’s current case being appealed and his lack of a British boxing license ― either two scenarios heavily limiting his chances of staging a fight in the UK anytime soon.

Even though there would be a good chance of staging the fight outside the UK, Hearn seems either oblivious to the current appeal by UKAD or extremely confident that the case will play out in their favor ― even though the appeal, if successful, can completely overturn Benn’s career as he will likely then face a ban or suspension of a minimum period of a year.