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J’Hon Ingram Voices Frustration About Lack Of Opportunities From Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Promotional Company

J'Hon Ingram Voices Frustration About Lack Of Opportunities From Floyd Mayweather Jr's Promotion featured image
Floyd Mayweather Jr, has recently been accused by his fighter, J'Hon Ingram, of failing to progress his career. (Photo by Waleed Zein/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Following Jalil Hackett’s departure from Mayweather Promotions (MP) towards Matchroom, lightweight prospect J’Hon Ingram may also be on the way out soon after he expressed his frustrations at Mayweather Promotions for not granting him the needed opportunities; epitomized by his lack of activity since making his pro debut in 2022.

Through a social media, J’Hon Ingram (4-0, 4 KO’s) highlighted how he was behind many of those in his age group that made their pro debut around the same time as Ingram.

I love Floyd [Mayweather Jr] and appreciate everything from him but it’s time for me to part ways,Ingram stated on Twitter/X. “I’m so behind from guys my age group and turned pro around the same time. That makes no sense when I’m supposedly with one the ‘best promotions in the game’.

While J’Hon Ingram had fought thrice in 2022―the same year he debuted as a professional, the American lightweight prospect notably did not fight a single time in 2023. Ingram’s last fight did occur this year in March, but saw him participating in a lowly-rated three-match card promoted by Carolina Gloves Promotions rather than an event that actually involved the promotion he’s signed to; Mayweather Promotions, owned by arguably the most notorious boxer of the past three decades, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Even more remarkably, Ingram competed in a 4-round bout against a fighter with a losing record of 1-7 which would prevent Ingram from moving up the sanctioning bodies’ rankings. Combined with his overall lack of activity since making his pro debut, Ingram’s career has heavily stagnated; emphasized by his mention of fellow prospects who are already on the verge―or possibly already are―of being genuine title contenders.

A key example of this is Top Rank prospect Keyshawn Davis (10-0, 7 KO’s) who made his professional debut roughly half a year before Ingram and is already considered a top 10 super lightweight contender according to various sanctioning bodies’ ranking boards―with Davis currently occupying top 5 spots with the World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Organization (WBO) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF).

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WBC’s 140 lbs ranking boards rating Keyshawn Davis as the #3 contender as of May 9, 2024―Davis’ highest ranking thus far.

With J’Hon Ingram having not faced anywhere close to the appropriate opposition he needs since he became a professional, the American lightweight has profoundly been unable to progress substantially with his career. Despite Mayweather Promotions being owned by one of the most prominent boxers to ever exist in Floyd Mayweather Jr, his promotional outfit has not managed to get his own fighters anywhere close to even competitive success.

Though former Mayweather Promotions fighter Gervonta Davis (29-0, 27 KO’s) has achieved significant fame as a professional, he has made his name under the banner of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC); with MP’s only role in Davis’ success limited to appearances from Floyd Mayweather at Davis’ shows, and the promotional outfit’s logo being displayed in almost every show that Davis participated in.

As far as actually providing Davis with the fights to become successful, this can almost solely be attributed to PBC rather than MP.

The same can be said for another former Mayweather Promotions fighter in Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-2, 13 KO’s) who similarly found success by being aligned to PBC―largely considered a management company that operates as a promotion behind-the-scenes―rather than the actual promotion he’s signed to.

Given the history of MP proving incapable of keeping their fighters active, the recent departure of welterweight prospect Jalil Hackett (8-0, 7 KO’s) gives further incentive for the American prospect to depart in search for greener pastures.

Since revealing his possible plans, Ingram has continued to expose Mayweather Promotions and their inability to keep him and other fighters active; with the promotion’s CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, also facing criticism for how Ingram’s career was handled.

It’s all jokes with my post but still not because this is my career/life that’s being played with,Ingram posted yesterday on May 28th. “Ellerbe is the CEO of MP [Mayweather Promotions] but says it’s out his control. Then I have to address it with someone else. So WTF you CEO for? Like WTF is it that you do? Oh yeah, gamble MP’s money away.