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Mike Tyson Vs. Jake Paul Re-Arranged For November 15

Mike Tyson Vs. Jake Paul Re-Arranged For November 15 featured image
The spectacle bout between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson is set to continue on November 15th after a health scare that Tyson suffered forced the bout to be postponed. (Photo by Most Valuable Promotions/Netflix)

The Mike Tyson and Jake Paul bout has set a new date after it had been postponed due to medical health issues that Tyson was facing in the lead-up to the fight. Their fight will now commence on Friday, November 15th at the same AT&T Stadium [based in Arlington, Texas] it was originally scheduled for. Netflix will continue to be the exclusive broadcaster of the event, and the super lightweight title bout between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will additionally remain on the newly-scheduled card.

The many concerns surrounding the Mike Tyson and Jake Paul match have clearly gone unanswered by the involved parties with the rescheduling of the non-title heavyweight bout between the two confirmed for November 15th. The two fighters, neither of whom are considered genuine contenders or even fringe contenders within the sport, will likely continue to spark much debate due to the age discrepancy that exists between them but the match will nonetheless persist amidst concerns surrounding Tyson’s health and capability to still fight professionally.

The rematch between Puerto Rican unified featherweight champion Amanda Serrano (46-2-1, 30 KO’s) and Irish undisputed super lightweight champion Katie Taylor (23-1, 6 KO’s) will be featured as the co-main event of the Tyson-Paul card and will see all of Taylor’s 140 lbs titles be put on the line come November 25th.

Styled as a “cross generational” bout, the rescheduling of the event might work in the favor Tyson who will turn 58 years old on June 30th and is still considered one of the most exciting and impactful heavyweights of all time.

However, that hard-won reputation now seems to be very much at stake again for Tyson as he remains adamant on staging a fight with Paul―who himself now needs to contend with a blow to his reputation for fighting a retired heavyweight close to his sixties rather than an actual contender near to his own age range.

While the fight does not appear to make sense in a competitive sense, as the winner is not expected to compete as a genuine contender going forward, the profitability of the fight speaks for itself; with the AT&T Stadium having approximately 80.000 seats that can be sold for exorbitant ticket prices, and Netflix still retaining a subscriber base of millions of people.

The match itself will likely be avoided by boxing enthusiasts, forcing the organizers to focus primarily on casual fans who are expected to be drawn to the event due to the Mike Tyson’s and Jake Paul’s nationwide popularity.

For boxing overall, the benefits seem to be outweighed by the many risks it poses, with Tyson’s age suggesting he might not fair too well against his 27-year old opponent, while Paul himself may be subject to immense danger given Tyson’s experience and perceived power when he had been an active professional boxer.

Either way, the die appears to be cast with the bout with neither fighter appearing to be willing to budge from their upcoming contest; a fight that can become the detriment to both fighters reputation-wise, regardless of who comes out on top.