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The FBI To Investigate Adrien Broner After Murder Claims In Presser With Blair Cobbs?

The FBI To Investigate Adrien Broner After Murder Claims In Presser With Blair Cobbs featured image
Adrien Broner might be in trouble after alleging to have gotten away with homicide during a press conference for his upcoming June 7th fight with Blair Cobbs. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Adrien Broner flabbergasted attendants of the June 4th press conference for his headlining June 7th fight with Blair Cobbs, with his insinuations of having committed and gotten away with murder counting as one of several egregious criminal activities Broner admitted to during the presser. While Broner and Cobbs are scheduled to step into the ring on June 7th, Broner’s comments on Tuesday puts their match in jeopardy as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) might have been monitoring the presser and may choose to pursue the American welterweight.

Adrien Broner (35-4-1, 24 KO’s), also known as “The Problem”, was nearly turning out to be an actual nuisance to promoter Don King―head of Don King Productions―as he appeared late for his June 4th press conference, spurring doubts as to whether he would show up on June 4th given his reputation for attracting controversy.

Fortunately, the multi-division world champion did make an appearance where he affirmed that he would participate on June 4th; which may not actually be the case anymore after the Cincinatti-born fighter arguably bragged about beating murder charges.

I’m here to put my life on the line,Broner admitted during a heartfelt speech at the presser, “June 7th, I’m not just coming to put on a show for the fans. I’m coming to die if I got to, so I don’t know what this n**** [Blair Cobbs] coming to do but I’m willing to take it that far. And I’m dead serious.

I’m really coming to die in that ring, bro, so if you ain’t ready to die, I don’t wanna hear all that talking s***, all that playing and jokes and s***―I’m not playing my n****. I came alone and I’m willing to leave everything in that ring and that’s what I’m gonna do. And today I don’t give a f*** what [is] going on so don’t play no games, cause my n***** got guns with them, bro.

After Adrien Broner asserted that his intentions and threats were completely serious, the American former world champion would also proceed to reveal he had beat a case in court where he was allegedly involved in murder.

And me and my n***** we already done beat bodies and they’re still looking for me,” Broner stated confidently, referring to him and his associates allegedly avoiding incarceration for homicide. “And every charge has been acquitted, my n**** [Blair Cobbs]. So don’t come up here playing, don’t make no false moves, I’m not playing. I will smack the s*** out of you, my n****. I’m not here to play. No games, so we gon promote the fight but be respectful, don’t do no dumb s***.

Aside from admitting to an alleged homicide, Broner’s comments later in the press conference further suggested he was active as a drug distributor and recently involved in gang-affiliated activity.

I ain’t with all this clown s***,” Broner stated after a ventriloquist act by Cobbs through the use of a puppet parrot, “And I got to be honest, I’ve been in the streets lately, and the birds I been pitching out being going or 32 [thousand dollars]. So if you want to holla at me, come holla at me. And we gon take it [the price] down if you get ten.

It is still unclear whether Adrien Broner had merely been jesting. Throughout his career, Broner has been known to be one of the most enigmatic and prolific trash talkers in the modern history of sport; a trait that managed to help him catapult to the very top after his performances in the ring matched his talent in being an entertaining talker.

However, Broner has reportedly been investigated in the past by the FBI for money laundering and drug distribution, and with his recent comments of getting away with murder might have gotten onto the FBI’s radar again. Though the FBI is known to only move against potential perpetrators when they have the evidence to do so, Broner’s June 7th match with Cobbs might still collapse if the federal agency has been sitting on information surrounding the fighter’s claims for several months.

Given the threats that Adrien Broner launched towards Blair Cobbs, it might urge the FBI to step in to prevent a potential homicide incident.

Or, Adrien Broner could have been jesting as he is known to do, and merely exaggerated his threats and alleged in crimes in order to promote his fight. Broner has been outspoken during his press conferences before, often launching the same profanity-filled tirades as he did during the June 4th presser―though he abstained during prior pressers from directly threatening his opponents or claiming to have committed homicides.

There is also the concern that Broner’s multiple assertions of being completely serious and not joking may be taken as such by the federal agency, and prompt them into action before Broner and Cobbs can stage their fight come Friday, June 7th. The two fighters, alongside the other competitors participating on the card, will be making an appearance today at the official weigh-ins for the June 7th event.

The number of rounds for the non-title 147 lbs bout between Broner and Cobbs has been confirmed for 10 rounds.