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Gervonta Davis Domestic Violence Case Dropped

Gervonta Davis Domestic Abuse Case Dropped featured image
Baltimore-born boxer Gervonta Davis has officially had the charge of domestic violence due to battery dropped by Broward County Sherriff's Office. (Photo by Kim Hairston/Baltimore Sun)

While Gervonta Davis remains in house arrest due to a hit-and-run case that he was sentenced for, another case that he was involved with has been dropped. The case concerns an incident in which the mother of one of Davis’ children dialed 911 alleging that the boxer was seeking to murder her.

Gervonta Davis (29-0, 27 KO’s) was subsequently arrested but hours after the incident, the alleged victim retracted the statements she made during her 911 phone call to claim neither she nor her daughter were harmed. Nevertheless, Broward County Sheriff’s Office ― who had arrested Gervonta Davis ― still sought to prosecute the Baltimore boxer and filed a domestic violence case against the 28-year old Lightweight. Broward County documented that the alleged victim had suffered mild injuries due to an apparent “closed hand type slap” from the boxer, though neither the alleged victim nor her lawyers confirmed such was the case.

The prosecutors of Broward County Sheriff’s Office dropped the charges when the alleged victim had expressed her satisfaction at Gervonta Davis completing an anger management and parenting course which had been initiated after all three parties (prosecution, victim and defendant) all met at some point, as revealed by an e-mail of a representative from Broward County.

Gervonta Davis will remain under house arrest to serve his 90-day sentence, but will at least have one less legal case to worry about as he sees out his days while under the charge of his coach, Calvin Ford,